Tired of paying for costly newspaper ads and then having to sit by the phone so you
didn't waste your money? Wait no more. The web is always open and people are
always looking.
For your web site design needs. Please feel free to view sites I have built. Each site
is designed with you in mind Your own personal logo made just for you included .
Rhonda Falls
03 to 05 pages $500.00
06 to 10 pages $750.00
11 to 20 pages $1000.00
additional pages $50.00 each

Design fee DOES NOT include maintenance.
Maintenance fee is determined by how much work your site requires.
Maintenance fee covers posting your puppies and keeping them updated.
It does not include posting other peoples puppies or redesigning.
Once your site is complete all redesigning and additional pages are an extra fee.
Posting other peoples puppies is an extra fee.
These sites were built and are maintained by me. Although I have built others
I do not maintain them so they have been changed enough that they do not
show my design so they are not listed.