Option # 1
Shipping can be arranged through Continental Airline. Shipping fee
is 350.00 which includes all expenses. If a different airline must be
used shipping is 400.00. These prices are for young puppies only.
Older puppies and adults are an extra charge as they weigh more
and the flight cost more. I strongly advise using Continental
whenever possible for safety and cost reasons. Puppies must 8
weeks old when shipped by air. Please do not ask me to ship a
puppy less than 2 lb. If a puppy is less than 2 lb when it is 8 weeks
old I will keep the pup at no extra charge until it reaches 2 lb. Thank
You in advance for understanding that it is for the safety of your
Option # 2
Shipping can be arranged to some West Coast areas by truck.
Puppy is delivered to you by my drivers who travels mostly west or
north west. This delivery fee is to be paid directly to the driver in cash
upon delivery. The entire fee belongs to the driver for his love and
care of getting your new baby to you. You must meet the driver in a
place of his convenience near the interstate. He cannot go out of
route. An 18 wheeler cannot travel some of the roads that we can in
a personal vehicle. His first obligation is to his trucking company. He
delivers puppies as a favor to me and my customers.

Most frequent areas are:
Texas: Hwy 287 between Dallas and New Mexico line on I 40
I 20 between Dallas and El Paso
New Mexico:
I 20 Between El Paso and Arizona line
I 40 between Amarillo and Kingman Arizona
I 20 between New Mexico and California
I 40 Between New Mexico and Kingman
Los Angeles
Bakersfield occasionally but not often.
Las Vegas